The value of Personalized Experiences

Extensive research has shown that consumers not only like personalization, they now expect it!

Helping a patient better understand their personal oral health condition, their options for treatment, and the consequences of  each of their treatment options is vital in providing the patient with the best opportunity to choose the best care for them.

Using intraoral cameras and radiographs to personalize your patient’s experience is paramount in teaching about their oral health.

Remember, patients are NOT interested in dentistry… per se.  They are, however, interested in Dentist-ME.  Show them their dentistry ( Dentist-Me), by dropping in pictures of their teeth, their xrays into Guru Teach’s easy to use interface.  Mark them up, highlight areas of concern, make recommendations just for them, even record your voice and inking and with a click of a button, email that playlist to your patients for later review for the ultimate in personalized recommendations!


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