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Go to: connect.gurudental.com Put in your username and password and click on “Go”. If you do not know what your login info is you can chat with a support representative through the chat feature at www.Gurudental.com, Email customerhelp@gurudental.com or call Customer Help at 888-331-4878.

Once logged into your Guru Connect account select the “Front Desk” option in the top navigation bar. Once opened select the “Unscheduled Treatment” tab

The unscheduled treatment list is populated with patients who have 1 or more treatments in the treatment planner and don’t have a scheduled appointment for that treatment within the window of 30 day to 24 months.

  • 1. Guru Connect will first look for an available email address in a patient’s info. If there is one available that patient will receive emails for all their notification.
  • 2. If there is no email address available in the patient’s info Guru Connect will look for a mobile phone number and sent the patient text messages for their notification. Note: Guru Connect can only determine a mobile phone number if it is in the mobile phone field in your practice management software.
  • 3. If there is no email address or mobile phone number the patient will receive an automated phone call to their home phone number.

A patient will be sent a series of 3 message 14 days apart. Once the system chooses what type of messages the patient will receive (Email, Text, Automated phone call) they will only receive that 1 type of message.

No a patient will only receive 1 round of 3 message (if there is no response) for any treatment that falls into the time frame of 30 day to 24 month after the treatment is purposed and no appointment is scheduled. However if a new treatment is added and there is no appointment scheduled 30 days prior the message cycle will begin.

There is a 3 day period between the time that a patient is added to the unscheduled treatment list and when the first message is sent. If you want to take more of a hands-on approach to managing the unscheduled treatment list it is best to check it daily to remove any patient from the list that you don’t want to receive message.

Guru connect isn’t programed with the ability to select 1 or more patients and only sent them messages. It was created to run with minimal human interaction. However if you prefer a more hands-on approach you can use the “select all” option and remove all patients from the unscheduled treatment list. Then you can add them back in as desired by going to the “Remove” tab checking the box next to the patient(S) you would like to add back to the list and then click the “Add Back To Message List” button.

Regardless of what type of communication a patient is receiving instructions are provided if they would like to opt out of the reminders. If a patient ops out they go into the “Removed” Tab and under “reason it will specify how they opted out (SMS Opt out, Email Opt out, etc.)

The Guru Connect user has the ability to remove a patient from the unscheduled treatment list simply by checking the box next to their name and then clicking the “Remove” button at the bottom of the page. If you are having trouble finding the patient you can hit the Ctrl + F on your keyboard and the will bring up a search box. If a patient is removed by a user they will show up in the “Removed” Tab and under Reason it will say “Removed”.

If you see a patient on the list that you don’t want to receive a message check the box next to their name and click “Remove”. They will be added to the “Removed” tab. Note there is 3 day period from the time.

If there is no response to any of the message the patient will be put on the no response list that can be viewed under the “No Response” tab.

You can customize the emails and text messages that are going out but not the automated phone calls. Message 1, 2 and 3 can be customized under the “Messages” tab. You also have the ability to send a test text message or email to a desired email address or mobile number.

Guru connect will only take credit for patients that received a message and opened it and then scheduled an appointment.