Guru provides the ability to directly embed a single animations or entire custom presentations directly onto your website. This is an advanced feature and will require someone who both has access to the website code and a basic understanding of how to edit web pages. If you would like to see a tutorial video on obtaining Guru Animation web embed codes click Here  to view it.

Note you must have a subscription with Guru Dental that includes animation embedding. If you have questions about this call 888-331-4878.

Authorize Your Domain

  • Step 1Go to and log into your account. Your login information should have been provided in the email that these instructions were attached to. If you don’t have them call 888.331.4878 or email and we can help you.
  • Step 2Once logged in go to “My Account” and then click the “Authorized Domains” link on the left hand side. Input your domain and click add.

Getting an Embed Code for a Single Animation

  • Step 1Hover over the navigation bar on the web page and select “animations”
  • Step 2Select the animation you want from the list and click on it to open it. Once opened click the drop-down arrow next to where it says “Embed”. Copy the script and paste it into your website code.

Embedding a Guru Teach Presentations

  • Step 1In the Guru Teach software create a presentation with the animations you want and send it to yourself using the Guru Teach email feature.
  • Step 2Go to your account at and navigate to My Account>Email History. Select the presentation that you sent. Once opened up you will see a script below the presentation. Copy that and embed it into your website.