The Clinician’s Teaching Tool

Use Guru Dental’s  industry-leading 3D animations along with your patient’s own intraoral images and radiographs. Guru’s patented Stop, Draw & Teach technology enables drawing directly on the video to create an interactive experience for patients so they can better understand diagnoses and treatment options and choose better care.

See how over 8000 practices worldwide have significantly increased their case acceptance with Guru Teach.


  • One click custom presentations
  • Integrates with your xray and intra-oral photos
  • Quickly drag & drop your own media into our pre made presentations to customize them for your patients.
  • Draw, type and make notes on any slide or video to increase understanding
  • Engage your patients and increase co-diagnosing by using an iPad
  • Have the patient sign right on the screen and store with date stamp for informed consent
  • Save the entire presentation along with your annotations to the patient’s history for future reference.
  • Record case presentations and email them to patients for review at home.

The Science of Case Acceptance

Talking is not Teaching… Listening is not Learning

National Case Acceptance Rates
Visual Teaching
Involved Learning

Highest Standard of

People learn best when they are engaged and thinking. Guru Teach is a teaching tool designed to increase patient engagement and interaction.

If your team can teach better, your patients can choose better!

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  • “I use Guru Teach everyday… Because I can’t afford to assume that my patients already know.”

    Joe Willardsen D.D.S.
  • “Communication is the hallmark of all great practices. Guru affords me and my associates the ability to have consistent and calibrated communication with all of our patients.”

    Foroud Hakim D.D.S.
  • “Guru is an awesome communication tool. In a short period of time my patients now better understand their dental care choices. We love the customization functions of Guru. It’s been a game changer for our office!”

    Gary Radz D.D.S.