Now with voice recording integrated into your annotations and the ability to import and email your own custom videos, Guru Teach 7 takes case presentations to a whole new level!

New Features


Record your voice while drawing on images


Guru TEACH 7 stores all of its data in the cloud


Import, store and email custom video to enhance your case presentations.

The Clinician’s teaching Tool

  • One click custom presentations
  • Integrates with your xray and intra-oral photos
  • Quickly drag & drop your own media/images OR video, into our pre-made presentations to customize them for your patients
  • Draw, type, make notes or even record your voice on any slide or video to increase patient understanding
  • Engage your patients and increase co-diagnosing by using Guru Mobile on an iPad or Android tablet
  • Have the patient sign right on the screen and store with date stamp as part of informed consent
  • Save the entire presentation along with your annotations to the patient’s history for future reference
  • Record case presentations and email them to patients for review at home

See how over 8000 practices worldwide

Highest Standard of PRODUCTS

People learn best when they are engaged and thinking. Guru Teach is a teaching tool designed to increase patient engagement and interaction. If your team can teach better, your patients can choose better!

  • Send your own custom videos to your patients via email
  • Record inking with voice
  • Storage for uploaded videos
  • Add your own video to GuruDental default menu
  • All data moved to the cloud