Guru Mobile iPad instructions:

You will need your Guru Store credentials. If you do not have them you can call 888.331.4878 or email for assistance.

  • Step 1Turn the Auto-Lock setting on your iPad to ‘Never’ to allow a faster download.
  • Go to Settings> General>Auto-Lock; switch it to ‘Never’.
  • You can switch it back when you’re done with the Guru download if you’d like
  • Step 2Download the “Guru Mobile” app in the AppStore. This app is free.
  • Step 3Open up the Guru app. Select the shopping cart icon at the top. Input your email address and password for the Guru store. If you do not have this info you can call 888.331.4878 or email for he assistance. Hit ‘Download Available Content’.
  • As long as you are connected to your private Wi-Fi, you will get a wheel spinning and it will indicate how many files are downloading (i.e. 1 of 245) This process will take some time depending on your network speed.
    • Step 4Synching Guru Mobile to your server:
    • Once you have done the download process, you will need to synch the iPad to your server.
    • Please do the following:
    • First put your server IP address in the settings box on the iPad. (Icon looks like a gear).


  • After you put in your server IP address, hit ‘Connect to Server’.
  • Once connected, the Wi-Fi button on the top left-hand side will turn bold.
  • Once it’s connected, you may synch the iPad to your server by hitting the synch button. This button is next to the settings and has two arrows on it.
Please call us at 888.331.4878 or email us at if you have any questions.