Treatment Reminders tell patients why they should schedule their appointment not just when to come

Guru Connect reads the Treatment Plans of your Unscheduled Patients and
automatically sends the right video presentation to reinforce your diagnosis,
them and recover their Treatment.

The story behind Guru Connect is that a patient has a treatment plan that has not been scheduled, Guru Connect automatically sends them a message, the patient views the message and calls the office to schedule their appointment, the office gets the call, adds the appointment and then the patient comes into the office for their appointment.  I would love to come up with a way to tell that story visually.

What makes us special

Regular appointment reminders tell a patient when to come into the office. Guru Connect sends a personalized message that emphasizes WHY the patient should choose the care you have recommended.

Why choose us

We don’t do contracts! You can cancel our service anytime, no penalties, no hassles! However, we make that almost impossible to do because Guru Connect’s dashboard automatically tracks your case acceptance and recovered treatment plans from patients who slipped through the cracks. You can see the value of Guru Connect’s treatment reminders, by patient name, by treatment plan!

What is your Case Acceptance?

Guru Connect’s dashboard automatically tracks what treatment plans you have proposed and which of those have been scheduled. You might be surprised at the size of your “million dollar file cabinet”!

What have we done for you lately?

Guru Connect tracks patients who schedule their appointment after opening a treatment reminder so you always know how the service is helping your patients.

Who’s making those follow up calls?

Who in your practice likes to call patients who haven’t scheduled their treatment? Let Guru Connect automatically do the heavy lifting for you so that all your team has to do is follow up on the messages with helpful answers to any questions your patients may have.

More Nice Words from Clients


  • Manage your “Unscheduled Treatment List” from any device with an internet connection.
  • View your Guru Connect progress in the easy to understand Information Center.
  • Reply to text patient message responses directly from the online portal
  • Customize outgoing text messages and emails to fit what you want to say to your patients.
  • Receive email notification when a patient views treatment reminder email.
  • Receive a weekly report to stay up to date on Guru Connect activity.

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